Art Direction, Graphic Design, Animation, Photography & Illustration
Art Direction & Photography for Julie Borch-Christensen’s graduation collection NEXT.
Professional Relationship
Art direction, Photography, communication and concept for a collaboration between designers Julia Andersen and Disa Gadd and the Swedish suit label Oscar Jacobson.
We bought nine shitty go pro ish cameras which we placed in a freezing abandoned office space located on Gärdet in Stockholm, and made a choreography of sorts for the models to walk around the empty space while filming them in a CCTV style, while making sure of showing every angle of the outfits.

The result became a website where you can watch all the footage simultaneously with the current time showing, creating a live feed experience for the visitor. The website is also interactive with the feature that the visitor can click on anyone of the videos resulting in that photographs of the models from the place where the video was taken pops up on the screen.
An Alternative
Art Direction & Photography for Liga Bulmiste’s graduation project "An Alternative".
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About the project:

"Sculpture or bathtub? Furniture or toilet? I view bathroom furnishings in a new light, regarding them as something more than just a necessity.

Even the most spectacular bathrooms contain a WC stool, hand basin and a bath in standard format. My An Alternative project is based on a desire to alter and expand the way we look at bathrooms. Why can’t we choose our furniture for the bathroom to the same extent as in the rest of the house? By altering the basic items I want to indicate new possibilities for bathrooms and to open for new ideas about the room’s aesthetics and use. Could the bathroom be a room for socialising?"
Room Service
Photography for a collaboration between the final-year Product Design students of Beckmans College of Design and DUX, Gärsnäs, Kinnarps, Källemo, Johanson Design & Storängen Design.
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Exhibited during Stockholm Design Week, at Superellipsen, Sergels torg in Stockholm alongside work by the students from Konstfack and Malmstens.
Material Elements
Photography and Art Direction and poster design for Beckmans college of design and the second year fashion students from their course exploring materials.
Beckmans Nobel Creations
Photography, Art direction & Retouch for Couture interpretations of the nobel prize winners.
Assorted Photography Seventy Agency
Internal photography for Seventy Agency, Employee portraits & event pictures.
SSF Tänk säkert
Photography and DOP for SSF campaign Tänk säkert