Art Direction, Graphic Design, Animation, Photography & Illustration
Animations and Art Direction for mood music company OVERTONE.

Photography by Sebastian Mast
Professional Relationship
Art direction, Photography, communication and concept for a collaboration between designers Julia Andersen and Disa Gadd and the Swedish suit label Oscar Jacobson.
We bought nine shitty go pro ish cameras which we placed in a freezing abandoned office space located on Gärdet in Stockholm, and made a choreography of sorts for the models to walk around the empty space while filming them in a CCTV style, while making sure of showing every angle of the outfits.

The result became a website where you can watch all the footage simultaneously with the current time showing, creating a live feed experience for the visitor. The website is also interactive with the feature that the visitor can click on anyone of the videos resulting in that photographs of the models from the place where the video was taken pops up on the screen.
OnePlus Nord N100
Art Direction and concept for OnePlus Launching the OnePlus Nord N100 phone, produced by Swim Club.
OnePlus Nord N100
Product Photography
Art Direction for unboxing, product & lifestyle photography for the Launch of OnePlus Nord N100, produced by Swim Club.
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
Product video
Art direction for CG Product video showcasing the specs and capabilities of the OnePlus Nord N200 5G phone produced by MPC China.
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
Lifestyle Photos
Art Direction and concept for lifestyle photos for the North American market for the OnePlus Nord N200 5G phone in collaboration with Photographer JP Bonino.

Hand drawn sketches, zoom meetings, excel documents, rough prototypes and lots and lots of emails - all to deliver highest quality assets focusing on one thing - more play, less pay. Conceptualized and orchestrated in Stockholm with collaborators scattered across London, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Berlin and Shanghai.